Why Passionate Parents Make Great IDEA Lab Kids Franchisees
Why Passionate Parents Make Great IDEA Lab Kids Franchisees

Bejal Patel and his wife Divya invested in the franchise for the proven business model and cutting-edge curriculum, but found so much more through freedom and fulfillment with the brand.

Bejal Patel became an IDEA Lab Kids franchisee in September of 2018 along with his wife when they took over the formerly corporate-owned Spring Branch, Memorial area in Houston, Texas. Coming up on nearly a year of business ownership, the Patels cannot say enough good things about their investment in IDEA Lab Kids. 

In 2018, IDEA Lab Kids was ranked one of the top children’s franchises by Entrepreneur and has experienced a 900% growth rate since its inception. Youth enrichment is an $11 billion industry, and IDEA Lab Kids owners like Patel are at the forefront of it. The business model provides multiple revenue streams that are adaptable to community demand including classes, camps, and birthday parties. The brand plans to grow to 700 locations in the U.S. and across India and the Middle East. The franchise also provides ongoing training as well as a team of marketing professionals and business consultants to set franchisees up for well-earned financial success. 

Before finding IDEA Lab Kids, the Patels were juggling their busy corporate careers while parenting three young children. They decided to look into franchising as an alternative way to both generate income and establish more independence in their personal schedules. “With both of us working full time, we found ourselves spending a lot of money on after-school and summer programs,” said Patel. 

“IDEA lab concepts really clicked with us first as parents,” said Patel. “We thought this would be a good option for our kids and that taking on a franchising opportunity would be a good way for my wife to leave her corporate job. It’s something where she can be productive and feel good about what she’s doing while providing valuable education for kids.”

The Patels researched several concepts including Kumon and Mathnasium, but found that IDEA Lab Kids’ values and curriculum aligned closest with their own goals and ideals. IDEA Lab Kids Founder Ghazal Qureshi’s story resonated with them deeply. “The struggles she experienced when her kids were young were exactly like what we were going through with our kids at that age,” said Patel. “If I had known about this product when my eldest was 5, we would have enrolled him right away,” Patel continued. The Patels’ children are currently ages 5, 6 and 8, and thrive in the IDEA Lab Kids camps and classes offering them advancement in their future development for continued learning and beyond.

The Patels stress that the foundation of their business comes from both the groundbreaking advanced services offered and their fantastic team of staff. “Kirsten, who manages our facility, has an amazing passion for what we do and she really believes in the product,” said Patel. “Without her, much of what we accomplished wouldn’t be possible.” The Patels also consider the community at large an extension of their team; their IDEA Lab Kids branch works with local children’s groups throughout Houston including local schools, churches and the Girl Scouts of America.”

Since joining the franchise, the Patels have been building buzz around IDEA Lab Kids’ STEAM-based classes, camps, workshops and birthday parties—all elements that keep the brand a true innovator in the educational space. “The programs and classes that they offer cannot be found anywhere else but are so seriously needed for today’s youth,” said Patel, who even convinced his neighbor to become a franchisee of a Canadian territory. 

IDEA Lab Kids has been not only a personally fulfilling venture for the Patels, but one which has given the husband-and-wife team freedom in terms of both time spent working and income. They feel the market for the business is huge and that demand will only continue to grow given the investment and dollars being allocated to STEM by schools, communities and companies . “I think as the franchise has matured, the services it offers have expanded and evolved with that as well,” said Patel. “We’ve seen quite an expansion and keen interest in supplementary childhood education.” 

“Anyone who is reading this article and is looking for a business that gives a positive impact to the future of their community or their kids, this is that positive impact . IDEA Lab Kids has provided endless satisfaction,” said Patel. “You’re actually educating the kids that make up your community. I know how important that is because I’m a parent myself.”

For those considering a potential investment, IDEA Lab Kids is currently poised for rapid international expansion. Optimal franchisees will possess an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to create innovative learning solutions for the next generation of engineers, scientists, artists and innovators. 

The total startup investment for IDEA Lab Kids ranges from $175,500 to $214,500 including a $35,000 single-unit and a $102,500 five-unit franchise fee. Financing options are available for those who qualify.
For more information, please visit https://franchise.idealabkids.com.

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