Franchisee Spotlight: Ralph and Felice Ehrman of Welcomemat Services
Franchisee Spotlight: Ralph and Felice Ehrman of Welcomemat Services

Ralph and Felice Ehrman are preparing to introduce the community they've called home for 20 years to their brand new business, Welcomemat Services.

Local couple, Ralph and Felice Ehrman, raised their two children, Erik and Rachel, in the Bolingbrook and Naperville area in Illinois's suburbs of Chicago. Now, new to being empty nesters, they are bringing a new business to the area to give back to the community that has given them so much.

The Ehrman’s will be opening their Welcomemat Services in the beginning of June to assist the local businesses grow. Welcomemat Services uses a unique technology to target new residents in the area and provide them with a welcoming package with promotional items, gift cards, and other branded items. The thought process is that with the help of Welcomemat, local companies will build a relationship with the new residents before they turn to the bigger national chains.

This will be the first Welcomemat in Illinois. They are very excited to bring the new business to the town they have called home for the past 20 years and help out their neighborhood businesses thrive in the growing economy.

What were you doing before partnering with Welcomemat?

Ralph: I have worked as an air traffic controller for the past 31 years in the Chicago Center in Aurora. I've been franchise owner since 2014 when I joined OrderUp.com

Felice: I have worked in a variety of different businesses over the years. I worked as a PC specialist for almost 10 years after I graduated from Bradley University. I then worked as an independent contractor and a sales associate for smaller, locally owned businesses.

How did you hear about Welcomemat and what made you ultimately decided to commit?

Ralph: Since I work for the government, I will be required to retire in August 2019 but I know I will not be ready to stop working. Felice and I recently became empty nesters when our youngest child went off to college so we were looking for a new adventure. I have always wanted to own my own business but due to time constraints and high-risk of starting a new business I knew franchising was the answer. One thing I really liked during my last experience of being a franchisee was interacting with the community, which I was hoping to continue to do.

Welcomemat Services made the Entrepreneur 500 list, which is how I first found out about the company. Welcomemat fit my desires to work with and give back to the community. Additionally, being on the Entrepreneur 500 list was a solid validation for me to invest my time and money in the business.

Why will Bolingbrook and Naperville be a great market for your Welcomemat?

Ralph: We are actually the first Welcomemat location in Illinois so are very excited to bring the new business to the state and our hometown. We raised our children in Bolingbrook so have a solid support system in town. Naperville has many more companies that will definitely be our target clients.

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