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ILEC Master Certified Executive Leadership Coach and Franchisee Reflects on Over 40 Years as Mentor

Cal Carrera knows the C-level mind and hit the ground running at Intelligent Leadership and Executive Coaching (ILEC) armed with his unique, extensive leadership experience in conjunction with John Mattone's coaching systems.

By Helen Harris1851 Franchise Staff Writer
SPONSOREDUpdated 10:10AM 11/24/21

Cal Carrera, an expert in forging C-level strategic commercial business partnerships and business development within commercial organizations, federal government agencies and healthcare industries, has spent close to 50 years of his career guiding leaders to success as a mentor and management consultant. Now, as an executive coach and franchisee with Intelligent Leadership and Executive Coaching (ILEC), Carrera is reflecting on his passion for what he does, where he’s been and how he’ll bring that experience to the leadership coaching franchise.

“I have joined the Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching group to answer a calling I have had for years — to coach leaders to become their absolute best,” said Carrera. “I have always enjoyed coaching my team members to help them progress in their careers, and now, I have the opportunity to work in John Mattone's exclusive team.”

ILEC’s purpose is to accelerate the development of these leaders while helping organizations build and sustain strong cultures. Launched in 2010 by award-winning executive coaching authority John Mattone and franchising legend Terry Powell, ILEC offers a suite of award-winning training, certification and proprietary tools that allow the brand to measure its program’s ROI.

ILEC coaches go through six rigorous training programs for their Master Certification and most importantly, ILEC’s training equips coaches with the ability to hold leaders accountable, especially through a challenging change initiative. 

Mattone was a substantial motivator in Carrera choosing to explore the world of business-coaching franchising. 

“I read some of John Mattones' books, and they resonated a lot with what I valued,” said Carrera. “Mattone is a prolific author and has had four best-selling books focused on leadership development. After a request from Steve Jobs, John coached him on intelligent leadership with profound impact. John has expanded his leadership influence globally and is now in the top three management coaches on the planet. After reading John's books, I was fortunate to spend time with him on Zoom and was truly impressed.”

Carrera, an experienced entrepreneur, has founded five successful start-ups, co-founded a healthcare technology company (which he later sold) and founded a SaaS company, where he developed high-end SaaS products and sold them in the U.S. and internationally. He has also demonstrated his capacity to expand internally, as he grew a professional services company from 12 to 125 people. 

As the world’s top executive coaching franchise with decades of coaching success, Carrera and other fellow coaches are equipped with the knowledge and tools to set change initiatives on a course for success.

In fact, a recent Gallup poll found only 18% of managers demonstrate a talent for managing and mentoring others — which means 82% of managers are not adept at leading people. This lack of leadership costs U.S. corporations up to $550 billion annually. The need for talented leaders to train other leaders is dire, and ILEC is working to fill the need of executives who lack experience or perhaps don’t have the tools or training to do their jobs effectively.

Carrera emphasized that he is a collaborative manager, recruiter and supportive leader who synthesizes ideas and envisions the “big picture to achieve results.”

“I build high-performance organizations and cultures, and I’m a trusted advisor to business and government entities. I’m an expert in organization value assessment, growth strategies, setting operations from the ground up, defining performance metrics, improving bottom-line profitability and elevating business to market leadership,” he said.

Powell affirmed the need for seasoned leaders and entrepreneurs such as Carrera to join the ILEC system to improve the effectiveness of others in C-suite positions.

"We are thrilled to have teamed up with Cal,” said Powell. “His background is tremendous; he has spent more than 12 years serving on boards of directors and in building new organizations and is an expert in organization value assessment, growth strategies, setting operations from the ground up, defining performance metrics, improving bottom-line profitability and elevating business to market leadership. Clearly, his experience in growing and refining leadership really aligns with our goal of changing the world one leader, one organization at a time." 

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