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WDIV-TV ‘Click on Detroit’ Interviews Intellivent Leadership Executive Coaching Franchisee Al Fragnoli

The professional leadership coach offered his four secrets for landing a promotion in 2022.

Al Fragnoli, a leadership coach and franchisee with Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching®  (ILEC) was recently interviewed by WDIV-TV’s ‘Click on Detroit’ to discuss how professionals can land a promotion in 20221. 

Fragnoli offered his four secrets for making it to the next level this year:

  1. Thinking Differently, Thinking Big
    • “You’ve really got to have big goals, big dreams. And just think differently. This was something that Steve Jobs and some of the top leaders have always established”, said Fragnoli.
  2. The Vulnerability Decision
    • The majority of top leaders are vulnerable with their employees. It’s important to show your team that it's okay to not have the answers to every single thing. 
  3. Establishing a Mindset of Duty Over Entitlement
    • When you move into a leadership role, it's important to understand that it's not about you anymore. You have to keep the ego at the door. The leaders that understand the importance of taking care of their people, making sure they are in a safe environment when they come to work each day, are the leaders that will see success with their teams.
  4. How to Leverage Your Gifts and Address Your Gaps

See the full interview here.