Impossible Burgers Struggle To Keep Up With Demand
Impossible Burgers Struggle To Keep Up With Demand

The plant-based protein is working to address its “short-term ramp-up challenges.”

Fake it until you make it… run out of stock. According to CNN, the demand for Impossible Foods’ plant-based meat alternative has kicked up so much that the company is now struggling to meet it.

This concession comes on the heels of Burger King’s announcement that after a
successful test run, the chain plans to roll out Impossible Whoppers across the nation by the end of the year. This would essentially double the 7,000 locations that currently offer the product—including White Castle, smaller restaurants and other chains, theme parks and campuses—while the demand from those existing vendors has more than doubled, according to CNN.

“We are facing short-term ramp-up challenges resulting from demand greatly outstripping supply,” Impossible reportedly said i
n a statement, adding that the company is not facing a shortage of ingredients. To address these challenges, the company plans to increase the operating hours of its Oakland, California plant as well as add a second production line.

CNN notes that Impossible is encouraging consumers to call ahead before heading to dinner. Read the full report