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Forbes: What Different Generations Think About Hybrid Work

International Workplace Group releases a study that reveals a strong preference for hybrid work and flexible workspace options among workers, with Millennials’ preferences driving statistics.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 7:07AM 09/17/22

Flexible workspace options have been a priority for many employees as the workforce continues to reevaluate their relationship with their careers, work-life balance and sustainable commuting practices. A 2022 study found that over 50% of Millennials would reconsider their current position if their company required them to return to the office.

The study, commissioned by Mark Dixon, CEO of IWG, evaluated productivity both at work and home, overall personal wellness, career outlook and workplace relationships to illustrate each generation’s experience with flexible work.

“Hybrid working is universally popular amongst all generations who have been quick to embrace the many benefits the model offers,” Dixon said in an interview for Forbes. “By splitting their time between home, a local workspace and their company headquarters, employees are benefiting from a significantly improved work-life balance with substantially less time and money spent on commuting.”

Though specific preferences vary between generations, with Baby Boomers, Millennials and Gen-Z reporting a range of experiences with hybrid work, it is clear that a flexible work model is in high demand. Better yet, that same flexibility provides each unique employee the leeway they need to work in a way that fits their lifestyle and is conducive to optimal productivity, relationships with coworkers and larger career goals.

“The study highlights that there are important generational differences and one size doesn’t fit all; rather, there are many different flavors of hybrid working and the needs of employees will differ according to where they are in their careers and personal lives,” Dixon said.

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