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Reimagining Spaces: Why This Business Investor Is Bringing Regus to the Iconic Lamar Life Building in Jackson, MS

With the backing of an industry leader like IWG, forward-thinking investors and building owners like Andrew Mattiace are well-positioned to benefit from the growing demand for flexible workspace solutions.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 2:14PM 09/19/23

Andrew Mattiace, a seasoned business investor of the historic Lamar Life Building in Jackson, Mississippi, is in the vanguard of property owners leveraging the booming demand for flexible office solutions by partnering with International Workplace Group (IWG), the premier provider of flexible workspaces with an extensive network of over 4,000 locations.

In the wake of a worldwide trend towards hybrid work environments — blending home-based and office-based work — the flexible workspace industry is seeing unprecedented growth. IWG is a pioneer in this shift. They provide a platform for building owners and business investors to optimize their properties and tap into this growing market by transforming vacancies into thriving workspaces.

IWG, over the past year, has significantly expanded its network via strategic partnerships with building owners and business investors. Mattiace, who has recently partnered with IWG to open a Regus location in his landmark Jackson property, is one of these pioneering partners.

The Pathway to Partnership with IWG

Mattiace's journey with IWG and Regus began over a decade ago, when he hosted a 14,000-square-foot Regus location in another one of his properties — a bustling outdoor lifestyle shopping and dining center. There, Regus complemented a suite of high-end retailers, providing Mattiace with a robust understanding of the Regus model from a business investor perspective.

“I’ve always been enamored with the Regus model at that particular location,” said Mattiace. “When I learned that I could potentially become a partner and Regus could manage and operate a flexible workspace for me on this new model, I was very intrigued to learn more.”

When considering his downtown business district project — an expansive 12,000-square-foot floor in the Lamar Life Building — Mattiace was excited about the potential to adapt the traditional office space into a dynamic flexible workspace. He recalled the interest from nurses, professors and doctors in the area who sought shorter lease terms and smaller spaces, a need that the traditional office model could not accommodate.

"I've got a 12,000-square-foot-space, and I can't just rent out one office for six months,” Mattiace explained. “So when I got in touch with IWG and learned that I could potentially have an industry expert who could manage that whole process for me, it was very attractive.” 

Mattiace’s decision to transform the traditional office space into a thriving Regus hub was further cemented by the building’s prime location. The Lamar Life Building is known for its iconic clock tower that overlooks all of Main Street and is situated across from The Governor's Mansion, making it a compelling location for a flexible workspace. Mattiace is optimistic that the transformation of this floor will further enhance street-level activity of the retail locations on the ground floor, as well. 

All of these factors resulted in Mattiace placing his trust in the Regus team to manage and operate his new venture.

Guidance and Support by IWG

From his first association with Regus, Mattiace says he has always found the team supportive and committed to ensuring the success of the partnership. "The IWG team gives you patience and assistance every step of the way. They hold your hand and get you through the process," he says.

As opposed to a traditional capital lease, business investors, building owners and institutional developers can sign a partnership agreement with IWG and invest the capital in converting the space into a flexible workspace office — either professional workplace brand Regus, creative workplace brand Spaces, hassle-free workplace brand HQ or luxurious workspace brand Signature. From there, IWG will presell the location, staff the team, deploy the resources and place it on the world's largest network of flexible workspace sites. 

IWG sits down with every prospective investor and lays out a financial model to showcase when they will recoup their investment, drive income and bring in a premium over market rent. From there, IWG will help building owners understand an indicative floor plan. IWG also has a team for design, construction, sales, marketing and everything needed to build, operate and launch a successful new flexible workspace. 

Business investors, building owners and institutional developers willing to evolve have an exciting opportunity to not only meet the growing demand for flexible workspaces and drive operating income, but also to help move the world in the right direction.

A Promising Future

With the transformation of the Lamar Life Building floor well underway, Mattiace looks forward to the completion and activation of the space. The unique model that IWG and Regus offer is perfectly attuned to the current trends in the work environment, and Mattiace is excited to be part of this movement.

"The flexible workspace industry will only continue to grow," said Mattiace. “I am thrilled to be on this journey with IWG and Regus."

For other business investors and building owners considering partnering with IWG, Mattiace’s advice is simple: “Hurry, don’t hesitate. The reality is that you want to get involved as soon as you can. It is hard for us business investors and building owners to understand and imagine that a flexible workspace could really happen in our space. But trust me, it is possible."

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