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Investing in a Mental Health-Focused Franchise

Mental health is a hot topic and people are starting to feel more comfortable receiving the help they need. These five franchises offer vital services in the mental health sector.

By Erica InmanStaff Writer
8:08AM 07/10/24

Mental health franchise concepts are becoming increasingly popular as the demand for mental health services increases and mental health care becomes more normalized. In the aftermath of the COVID pandemic, 80% of adults in America have admitted to showing symptoms of depression. In addition, 90% of adults agree that the U.S. is facing a mental health crisis. The wellness industry, as a result, has experienced a 9.9% annual growth rate and is estimated to reach a value of nearly $7 trillion by 2025. 

For those interested in investing in a franchise within this booming segment that offers vital help to the communities they serve, here are five concepts worth considering. 

Nora Mental Health

Initial Investment: $85,000 – $205,000

Unit Count: 12

Nora Mental Health provides therapy services for individuals, groups and families. The brand also offers child and adolescent therapy services; these services include autism mental health services and art therapy for infants, kids and teenagers.

Ellie Mental Health

Initial Investment: $279,000 – $480,000

Unit Count: 180+

Founded in 2015, Ellie Mental Health is a fast-growing franchise dedicated to positively impacting the lives of individuals and their mental health through in-person and online care. The brand’s philosophy is that mental health care should be “effective, easy and fun.”

Lifeologie Counseling 

Initial Investment: $100,000 – $300,000

Unit Count: 19

Since 2000, Lifeologie Counseling has been offering creative solutions to “stuck problems.” The brand specializes in helping individuals who are struggling with issues of anxiety and life stressors, trauma and abuse, identity and sexuality, depression and grief, and/or spirituality. They also offer counseling for relationships.

Okay Humans

Initial Investment: Undisclosed

Unit Count: 1

Okay Humans is a new talk therapy franchise concept. Founded by Christy Desai, a licensed marriage and family therapist, the brand’s mission is to “normalize seeking support, to rethink the outdated therapy model, and to open up the conversation about getting to okay.” Okay Humans prioritizes easy appointment bookings through an app or online and accepts a variety of insurance plans to make sessions more affordable.

Focus Point

Initial Investment: $84,475 – $156,200

Unit Count: 5

Focus Point was founded on the belief that behavioral health is intertwined with mental health; that’s why this behavioral health concept offers full service mental health care to families and individuals ranging from children to adults. The brand specializes in substance abuse, rehabilitation programs and other education services around these topics.

With the aftermath of the pandemic increasing mental health concerns and raising awareness of the need for mental health services, there's been a surge in demand that is propelling the wellness industry's growth. These franchise opportunities help meet this demand and offer vital support to people in their communities.

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