Isiah Thomas: From NBA All-Star to Owning a Business Empire
Isiah Thomas: From NBA All-Star to Owning a Business Empire

1851 Franchise interviewed NBA player turned businessman Isiah Thomas to learn more about what it takes to be successful on and off the court.

It’s not easy for a professional basketball player to earn a coveted spot on the NBA All-Star team. But it’s even more difficult for an All-Star player to capitalize on their brand off the court in order to succeed in business.

One former All-Star — not to mention NBA Hall of Famer — who’s managed to make the transition is Isiah Thomas. The former Detroit Piston is no longer dominating on the court, but his business ventures are proving every bit as successful as his former career . That’s why 1851 Publisher and No Limit Agency CEO Nick Powills sat down for an interview with Thomas. The two talked about how Thomas has been able to make life as an entrepreneur work, from his line of champagne, Cheurlin Champagne, to his real estate investments and beyond.

One of the biggest lessons Thomas shares is the importance of finding the right business partners. And that’s not a part of business that’s exclusive to former athletes; it’s something that all franchisors, franchisees and aspiring business owners need to keep in mind.

Thomas said, “You always have to have strategic partners. And that strategic partner has to bring something to the table other than capital. Where I make my decisions on the partnerships are do they have the same value base that I have, do they have the same commitment to community that I have, do they have similar goals in wanting to do good but also do good in a neighborhood and community? There always has to be a give-back because none of us have success on our own. We all have mentors, we all have cultures, we all need people who are going to open the door and help us along the way.”

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