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Jamba Drops Its "Juice" To Up Its Relevance To the Modern Consumer

Jamba steps up to the plate to prove to customers that it’s better than any average Joe smoothie chain.

Thirty years after its founding, Jamba Juice becomes just “Jamba” in an effort to modernize and better alignment with today’s consumer, according to an article in QSR. The rebranding includes not only the name change, but a redesigned menu

Jamba CMO Claudia Schaefer opted to ~juice up~ the brand after looking at the smoothie chain from the consumer’s standpoint and digging into the company’s consumer behavior data. She realized there was “a disconnect between the current Jamba offerings and what customers today expect from a healthfulness perspective,” QSR said. Jamba partnered with restaurant consultancy firm King-Casey for the rebrand. 

According to QSR, Jamba “put together a high-level team representing a range of disciplines and franchise partners to participate in an all-day menu communications strategy session that King-Casey facilitated. The team approach meant that all sectors of the company were part of the process, making eventual buy-in much easier.”

Jamba’s mission was to test and eventually rollout optimized menu boards featuring persuasive design to guide the consumer’s purchasing pathway.  It’s no surprise that Jamba needed to up their game in the graphics department, either: With high-traffic Instagram accounts like @lulusdreamtown at consumers’ fingertips, a hum-drum menu board won’t cut it. 

Now that even longtime deli-meat purveyor Subway has jumped onto the plant-based bandwagon in an attempt to align with 2019 consumer demand are we really that surprised that Jamba wants to get hip, too? Well, maybe we should give credit where credit’s due: Jamba was in the millennial marketing conversation all the way back in 2008. 

Along with creating a plan of action to increase sales through menu innovations, WGN9 said Jamba will be adding a section to their menu dedicated to their plant-based blends. And, it looks like people are happy about it!

One Twitter user posted, “I’m proud of Jamba Juice for adding a plant-based section on their menu”. 

The result of Jamba’s extreme makeover? Nothing but success according to QSR. 

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Photo courtesy of QSR.