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Joshua Tree Experts Seeks First Franchisees Out of Home State by Targeting Birmingham, Alabama for Growth

The Pennsylvania-based franchise is actively looking to expand in key markets across the country, including Birmingham.

By Cassidy McAloonSenior Writer
SPONSOREDUpdated 4:16PM 06/16/22

Joshua Tree Experts, the Pennsylvania-based home services franchise that provides tree maintenance, lawn care and pest control services, is prepping for expansion by offering franchising opportunities in key development markets across the country. Specifically, the brand is targeting Birmingham for expansion.

“We have healthy areas with substantial growth opportunities throughout Birmingham,” said Joshua Malik, founder and CEO of Joshua Tree Experts. “We have wide-open market availability, which is a rare and valuable opportunity in this industry.”

According to Malik, franchising is the natural next step to grow the Joshua Tree Experts brand, which has seen steady growth during the last year and is ready to bring on passionate entrepreneurs who can ride the tailwinds of its recent success with a proven business model.

“Trees are a $25 billion industry, and it’s going to grow to around $29 billion in 2025,” said Malik. “The business is really booming right now, and single-family homes represent the largest component of that market.”

Joshua Tree Experts plans to set franchisees up for success through recurring revenue streams, which have proven a great asset for the brand. Joshua Tree Experts saw 60% of its revenue in 2021 through recurring revenue streams, with $4.4 million in recurring revenue already rolling into 2022. And when the brand rolled out new services, such as pest control in 2020, 70 to 80% of customers signed on for those services.

“The landscape service industry was at $114 billion in 2021, and will grow to $129 billion in 2026,” said Malik. “The rebound from the pandemic is accelerating. When people find out you are a tree expert, everyone comes to you with questions, and that opens up the door to opportunities for franchisees.”

When Joshua Tree Experts signs on new franchisees, the plan, Malik says, is for them to start out the same way the brand did: with just one service before building out a full set of offerings.

“Franchisees will start with one service – tree care – then start to roll in lawn care and pest control,” said Malik.

Because the business requires a lot of equipment, including a truck, machinery and fertilizers, Malik says his team will work with franchisees to ease them into the industry so they aren’t overwhelmed by the initial investment.

“The plan is to really hammer tree care, and then slowly add the others,” he said. “We will tier the services for franchisees, and when they hit $1 million in revenue, we will add-in lawn care and pest control.”

Joshua Tree Experts has set a goal of signing five franchisees in 2022, five in 2023 and eight in 2024. The first franchisees, Malik said, will ideally be located within a five-hour radius of Joshua Tree Experts’ headquarters.

“We have the infrastructure and connections to grow our brand right now,” said Malik. “And we’re in a much better position than many franchise brands of our size.“We’ve put down our roots and grown this brand into a thriving franchise concept, and now we can’t wait to welcome more members into the Joshua Tree Family and satisfy more homeowners across the country.”

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