K9 Resorts Announces Partnership with BrandONE Franchise Development to Enhance Discovery Process and Fuel Growth
K9 Resorts Announces Partnership with BrandONE Franchise Development to Enhance Discovery Process and Fuel Growth

By working as an extension of the brand’s franchise development arm, BrandONE will help guide leads through K9 Resorts’ discovery process.

When brothers Jason and Steven Parker first opened K9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotel, they knew that they were getting in on the ground level of an industry poised for growth. But they never imagined that their idea of creating a top tier, cage-free dog boarding facility would catch on in communities across the country.

What started as the Parker brother’s passion for pets is now a rapidly growing emerging franchise system. K9 Resorts is on the cutting edge of the increasingly in demand pet care industry—it’s focus on customer service and luxury services for man’s best friend are second to none. And with Americans expected to spend an estimated $69.36 billion on their pets in 2017 alone, according to the American Pet Products Association, it’s clear that there’s still room for K9 Resorts to grow. That’s why the brand is teaming up with BrandONE Franchise Development.

“We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with BrandONE. We’ve proven that our business model can be successful with the right franchisees, and now we’re eager to continue expanding in communities across both the East Coast and the rest of the country,” said Jason. “BrandONE is going to help us take our franchise development process to the next level, which is why we’re excited that they’re already starting to work with leads.”

BrandONE will work together with K9 Resorts as an outsourced arm of its franchise development process. The brand has years of experience working with emerging franchisors like K9 Resorts who have a handful of units open and are on the cusp of rapid growth. They’re the experts when it comes to franchise development—BrandONE’s team pulls together qualified leads and then guides them through all of the specifics that come with operating a K9 Resorts location. After BrandONE is confident that a prospective franchisee is equipped with the tools and resources that they need to move to the next step, they’re invited to K9 Resorts’ discovery day where they have the opportunity to meet with the Parker brothers and other members of the brand’s leadership team.

“What makes us so excited about our partnership with BrandONE is the consistency and expertise that they to bring to our franchise development process. Because they guide our leads through the process from beginning to end, there are no lingering questions that are left out there by the time that candidates get to our discovery day,” said Jason. “Oftentimes, franchise development is stalled by leads fizzling out over time and an overarching lack of clarity. But with BrandONE, that doesn’t happen. By working together, we can ensure that our candidates have the information that they need to move forward and launch their own K9 Resorts location.”

Right now, there are seven K9 Resorts locations currently operating along the East Coast. The brand has an additional five franchise units that are expected to open their doors for business soon, establishing strong momentum heading into the end of 2017. And now, through its partnership with BrandONE, K9 Resorts is expecting that momentum to continue climbing as more qualified leads are introduced to its in-demand concept.

Franchisees interested in operating their own K9 Resorts franchise can expect the initial investment to range from $915,655 to $1,292,859. However, with preferred lenders who are willing to lend up to 75 percent of the total initial investment, the brand is actively taking steps to ensure that its proven business model is accessible to all qualified and passionate candidates.

“It’s an incredible time to be a part of the pet care segment of the franchising industry, especially as a K9 Resorts franchisee. Demand for our services has never been higher, and it’s a trend that’s only expected to grow in the months and years ahead,” said Jason. “As we continue to develop our relationship with BrandONE and launch new locations, we’re confident that K9 Resorts will continue to strengthen and solidify its position as an innovative leader in luxury pet care.”