KFC Puts Sexy Chicken Nugget to Work in Japan
KFC Puts Sexy Chicken Nugget to Work in Japan

The Colonel enlists the help of a racy anthropomorphic piece of meat overseas.

Sex sells everything from movies to makeup, and now we can finally add chicken nuggets to the list.

Various news outlets have picked up on a picture posted to Facebook by comedian Danny Choo. The photo shows what can only be described as a … curvy … nugget sporting a dress, duck lips (oh, the irony!), rouge and what appears to be a bow made of bones. Chicken bones? Gruesome.

The nugget is a cartoon mascot for KFC in Japan, complete with speech bubble that translates to: ““I’ll make it boneless for you <3.”

Don’t take our word for it – check out KFC’s official Japanese website to sneak a peek yourself.

As strange as a hypersexualized chicken nugget may be, I have to admit: I still like it better than the new Hamburglar.