Lawn Doctor - Why I Bought

Wilson Harris is no stranger to the lawn care industry. For 15 years, he worked on high end golf courses as an assistant or superintendent. But despite his extensive experience, there weren’t enough opportunities for him to move up and grow. So together with his wife, Harris decided to invest in a franchise.

After looking at a variety of different concepts, Harris ultimately decided that Lawn Doctor was the perfect fit. It wasn’t just his experience working with turf that drew him to the brand— Lawn Doctor boasts a business model that’s proven to be successful time and time again.

“I really like the fact that Lawn Doctor has an incredible support team in place. When you’re getting a business off the ground, it’s beyond helpful to have a roadmap guiding the way. The brand’s corporate team has been nothing short of exceptional,” said Harris. “That level of support also extends to our customers. With Lawn Doctor, customer service is the number one priority.”

Lawn Doctor has created a unique space for itself in the booming lawn and landscape industry. Instead of simply cutting grass, the brand focuses on making sure lawns are as healthy as possible. Its services include fertilization, aeration, weed control, mosquito and tick control and organic lawn care options.

Even though Harris just launched his franchise back in February, he’s already making plans to grow with the brand. Ultimately, he plans to bring Lawn Care’s superior services to new communities across the Carolinas by hiring more corporate and field employees. By working with Lawn Doctor’s corporate team, he’s perfectly positioned to make that goal a reality.

“Even from the first moment I thought about franchising with Lawn Doctor, the experience has exceeded my expectations. I’ve never worked for a company as transparent, open and honest as them,” said Harris. “I’m excited to continue building my team—both internally and externally—and I’m confident that the success I’ve experienced so far is just the beginning.”

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