Let’s Get Digital, Digital… I Want to Get Digital…
Let’s Get Digital, Digital… I Want to Get Digital…

Shifting from the PR team to the digital team hasn’t limited my use of cheesy puns.

In my eleven years in the working world, I've spent the bulk of my time in public relations, in both agency and in-house positions. When I joined No Limit in June 2014, Nick was looking for someone to come in and create structure and processes on the PR side of the agency. My organizational skills that border on psychotic came in handy, helping me to create the blueprints for client tracking, client planning, team processes and procedures and more. I've learned a TON from both Nick and everyone on my team and I feel I've made significant improvements to the agency. 

In the past year, Nick and I started talking about what’s next for me, deciding that ultimately my talents would be better served on the digital/content side of the agency. I’ll of course still be involved on the PR side – they’ll never get rid of me entirely – especially as it relates to clients that engage us on the digital side.

It’s been about three weeks since I assumed my new post and I am inspired and excited to be implementing some of the processes I created on the PR team into the digital team. My team now is comprised of creatives – quieter than my former team (Hi LK!) – but they have already taught me so much in a short time.

  • Courtney is a social and design dynamo, running engaging and innovative campaigns for our clients and creating beautiful visuals to accompany them.
  • Brigit has stepped up into a content-focused role, straddling both the social media and 1851 worlds, while also relentlessly but humbly beating everyone at ping-pong.
  • Michael is our resident “web guy” (can you tell I’m still learning the lingo?), helping to build compelling websites for our clients and leading the charge on the revamp of 1851, among many other things. (Spoiler alert, the new 1851 is awesome.)
  • Our 1851 team, composed of editor Megan and writer Cassie, spend their days covering the latest in franchise news and interviewing the industry’s standouts to keep 1851 content fresh and exciting. I am constantly impressed by their ability to churn out well-researched and thoughtful stories under tight deadlines.
  • Lydia is killing the business development game, having recently signed on a client, and keeping our side of the room in a cheerful mood… even when she loses to Nick at ping-pong.
  • And last, but certainly not least, is Ahmad, the nicest human on the planet and our incredible creative director. I greatly value his expertise, calm attitude and quiet confidence.
  • Plus, I get to work much closer with Sean Fitzgerald, who is a literal celebrity in our office. I wish I received a round of applause whenever I showed up at the office!

My goal in my new role is to continue to find ways to align the various departments of our agency into a cohesive unit. Thanks to everyone for the hard work these past few weeks – and here’s looking to a productive and rewarding rest of the year!