Lima News: Welcomemat Services Eyes Lima, Ohio for Growth
Lima News: Welcomemat Services Eyes Lima, Ohio for Growth

Founder Brian Mattingly elaborates on the brand's potential expansion throughout the state with a special focus on Lima

Welcomemat Services is looking to expand this year in Ohio, and is specifically targeting the Lima area for a possible franchise. The Lima News recently spoke with Founder and CEO Brian Mattingly about the brand and their development plans.

According to the article, Welcomemat Services has seen success already in the Midwest, and Lima is a desirable location for a new franchise. The piece also details the Welcomemat services concept and explains how it works to strengthen local small businesses.

Said Mattingly, “One of the challenges for small businesses if that these big box retailers have large budgets and a lot of technology, so they can get really strategic and highly targeted when it comes to marketing.What we do is take the big business technology and deliver it down to the small businesses. We offer demographic profiling capabilities, so small businesses can understand who that customer is that’s coming in. Those types of capabilities are generally only available to the big companies.”

The article focuses on the brand's search for the right franchisee partner in the area, and mentions that the company hopes to find someone in 2017.

Said Mattingly, “When it comes to franchising, your franchise is only as good as the person who runs it. So we’ll do interviews and try to find the right operator who will be able to build a strong Welcomemat business in that community. We hope to find somebody this year.”

You can view the entire article here.