Massages Lead to Improved Health for Franchisee
Massages Lead to Improved Health for Franchisee

Hand & Stone owner knows first-hand the healing power of massage.

After undergoing bilateral mastectomies, reconstruction and other cancer-related procedures, Kay Hechler learned the true healing power of massage.
"Massage truly transformed my life. I had tremendous pain and limited range of motion after the various treatments and massage was prescribed by my doctors as part of rehabilitation," Hechler told Entrepreneur. "Massage relieved my pain and helped me regain movement. It also gave me time to focus on 'me,' on feeling better and on moving forward in my new, post-cancer life."
Hechler realized how important massages were to health and wellness, and investigated the possibility of owning a spa. She wanted to offer the services to others that were so beneficial to her own well-being.
She and her husband bought their franchise in November 2013 and opened their first Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa on Sept. 13, 2014.
"We are still in the infancy period for our Gaithersburg location of Hand & Stone. Based on our performance to date, we expect this year to be a pivotal year for solidifying the business," Hechler told Entrepreneur. "We are beginning to see the 'baby' sleep through the night, and we are now getting to enjoy what we have established—our amazing staff and customers, our business neighbors and our greater community in Gaithersburg."
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