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How Mathnasium Supports Its Franchisees

From onboarding and training to ongoing assistance and site visits, Mathnasium's robust support system sets franchisees up for successful openings and continues to provide resources as each store grows.

Mathnasium Learning Centers, a leading player in the supplemental education industry, not only fosters a love for mathematics, but also ensures that its franchisees are well-equipped to thrive. The company’s comprehensive support system is meticulously designed to guide franchisees through the early stages of opening and provide ongoing resources as they grow. Here's an in-depth look at how Mathnasium sets its franchisees up for success.

Onboarding and Pre-Opening Support

The journey begins with onboarding, a crucial phase for new franchisees. The company offers a blend of self-paced online training and in-person sessions in Los Angeles. Once the initial training is complete, franchisees will stay engaged with Tune-Up Training, Mathnasium Mondays and systemwide webinars. This stage is critical for laying a solid foundation and preparing franchisees for the challenges ahead.

As franchisees move toward opening their learning centers, they receive hands-on assistance from a dedicated Field Support Specialist team. This team plays a pivotal role in helping franchisees apply what they've learned in training to real-world scenarios. From operational readiness to pre-marketing strategies to employee training, these specialists are a daily support mechanism. 

This pre-opening phase also includes support in real estate selection, lease negotiation and build-out. The team conducts site visits to assist franchisees in evaluating potential locations, weighing the pros and cons to make informed decisions. 

"It’s about making the training practical and ensuring that franchisees feel confident as they navigate the early days of their business," said Dan Weber, Vice President of Strategic Accounts at Mathnasium. “Some franchisees have questions every 15 minutes, and some have questions every few weeks. Each one is unique. Having someone dedicated to assisting them is crucial. Most importantly, this assistance helps bridge the gap between what franchisees learn in training and the actual opening of their learning centers."

Grand Opening Support

When it comes time for the big day, the Mathnasium team assists franchisees with a focus on both centralized digital marketing and local community marketing to get the word out. This includes a grand opening playbook, full of public relations activities like ribbon-cutting ceremonies and local media engagement to promote community awareness. 

“The Mathnasium team also provides full support on enrollment, technical issues, operational management — anything and everything they need to get the center up and running” Weber says.

Greg Pratt, a Mathnasium franchisee in Austin, offers a real-world perspective on the support system. From day one, Pratt says Mathnasium’s supportive culture was a key factor in his decision to partner with the brand. After transitioning from owning several Verizon stores to investing in Mathnasium, Pratt and his business partners were originally drawn to the brand's commitment to making a positive impact.

“Everyone who was involved in the brand was completely involved in trying to make us comfortable and giving us everything we needed to make an impact in our community,” Pratt said. “The support we received from day one was phenomenal. The Field Support Specialists were hands-on, visiting our learning centers multiple times and always available to assist us. It was very impressive. I can’t think of a time that I needed something and didn’t get it.”

Ongoing Support

Overall, the timeframe for opening a Mathnasium franchise can vary between three to six months, depending on the market. And after a successful launch, franchisees are not left to fend for themselves. 

The New Center Opening team supports franchisees during their initial growth phase for about six months. Following this, franchisees transition over to a Franchise Business Consultant and Regional Vice President, who provide tailored support in business growth, analyzing performance metrics and other key aspects of center management. Those consultants also hold regional meetings in specific markets, which allows franchisees to come together and share best practices. 

“Our goal is to help franchisees meet their business goals through ongoing support and regional meetings,” Weber said. “We want to help our franchisees evolve and become  top-tier math expert learning center franchises.”

Since opening his first Mathnasium center in 2022, Pratt has expanded with the purchase of five additional learning centers across Texas. “Even after the initial months, the accessibility of the team has stayed strong,” he said. “Dan Weber will answer his phone at 10 o'clock at night if need be!”

This supportive culture has really validated Pratt’s initial decision to franchise with the Mathnasium brand. “This is a big brand, with locations all over the world, but just last month, I had breakfast with Mike Davis, the CEO,” he said. “Trust me, that is not something you get with every other franchise brand. The CEO doesn’t just fly down to have breakfast. I thought that was super cool. Anything you need, the brand is there to help.”

Overall, with over 1,100 locations worldwide, Mathnasium's commitment to franchisees is clear, providing a solid foundation for those looking to enter the supplemental education industry with the backing of a proven model and passionate team.

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