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The Mathnasium Vision and How Franchisees Fit In

With a mutual dedication to empowering communities through math education, the brand and its franchisees propel Mathnasium Learning Centers towards a future of continued success and impact.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
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Mathnasium Learning Centers, with over 1,100 learning centers worldwide in 10 countries, stands at the forefront of the supplemental education industry. Its unique vision, focusing exclusively on math, has not only carved a niche in the $290.8 billion supplemental education sector, but has also created an ecosystem where franchisees thrive personally and professionally by making a tangible difference in their communities.

"Long-term success in franchising hinges on a clear business model and a total addressable market large enough to provide a healthy topline," said Mike Davis, CEO of Mathnasium. “At the heart of Mathnasium's philosophy is a commitment to changing lives through math, a mission that resonates deeply with franchisees and is supported by an almost endless number of kids that are either catching up or getting ahead with their math skills.”

The Mathnasium vision extends beyond academic success — it aims to instill a lifelong confidence in math, which translates into many facets of their education and lives. As a result, Mathnasium seeks franchisees who are not just business-oriented but are also driven by a passion for education and community service. 

Franchisees come from various backgrounds — educatorsveterans, and entrepreneurs — unified by their commitment to Mathnasium's vision. 

And for all franchisees, Mathnasium provides comprehensive training and ongoing support, ensuring franchisees are well-equipped to handle business operations and grow their centers. This support includes marketing strategies, operational tools, and a robust educational curriculum.

"We work tirelessly to make our franchisees' lives easier, allowing them to focus more on customer experience and community relationships,” said Kevin Shen, Chief Development Officer.

This robust support system ensures that even those without a background in math or education can thrive as franchisees, provided they share the core values of the brand. 

“We are changing people’s lives on a day-to-day basis. We watch kids change over the years,” said Barry Weiss, a Mathnasium franchisee in California who came from a 20-year career in the animation industry. “To be successful in this franchise, you have to be very emphatic. Forget about your background. The mindset has to be, ‘How can I change the lives of kids for the better?’”

Now, Mathnasium is preparing for the future with a keen eye on evolving educational trends and technological advancements. "Guided by innovation, adaptability and customer experience, we foresee a bright future for Mathnasium as we continue to grow in the competitive franchise industry,” said Davis.

As Mathnasium looks towards expanding its global footprint, the role of franchisees becomes increasingly vital. The brand's growth strategy includes penetrating new markets and strengthening its presence in existing ones, with franchisees playing a crucial role in this expansion. 

"Our franchisees are the backbone of our growth strategy,” said Shen. “As we expand, they are instrumental in bringing Mathnasium's vision to new communities, helping students globally to develop a strong mathematical foundation. We look forward to partnering with energetic, mentorship-minded owners and there has never been a better time for passionate entrepreneurs to take the leap.”

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