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What to Expect When Opening a Mathnasium Franchise

With detailed training processes, streamlined center buildouts and ongoing support, franchisees with the math tutoring franchise are well-equipped to ramp up quickly and start making a significant impact in their communities.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
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Mathnasium Learning Centers, the math tutoring franchise, understands that prospective franchisees eyeing the booming supplemental education sector want to go into business for themselves, not by themselves. That’s why the team ensures each and every Mathnasium franchisee can enjoy a detailed and supportive entrepreneurial journey from day one.

"Our franchisees are thoroughly equipped to open and operate their centers, thanks to comprehensive training and support that extends from the initial inquiry to long after opening,” said Aimee Mack, Regional Vice President of New Center Openings for Mathnasium. “We understand that for us to be successful, our franchise owners need to be successful as well.”

Initial Steps and Discovery Day: The Foundation of Your Franchise Journey

The Mathnasium franchise process begins with an initial inquiry. From there, prospects will go through an introductory call to learn more about the brand's concept and expectations. Interested and qualified candidates are then invited to a Discovery Day at the Los Angeles headquarters, where they're introduced to the entire management team and given a firsthand glimpse of Mathnasium's operations.

"Each department presents to the franchisees, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the Mathnasium ecosystem," said Kevin Shen, Mathnasium Chief Development Officer. “This immersive experience is crucial in setting expectations and building a foundation for the franchisee’s eventual business.”

If it turns out to be a good match for both the prospect and Mathnasium, the candidates will sign the franchise agreement and start their Mathnasium journey. 

Chris Djunaedi, the franchise owner of Mathnasium of Temple City, for example, is a UCLA graduate and former ExxonMobil engineer who embarked on his path to Mathnasium with a passion for problem-solving and a deep connection to education through his mother, a teacher. While he always wanted to transition out of corporate life and into business ownership, he didn’t know where to start. 

"Upon discovering Mathnasium, I immediately began my research,” said Djunaedi. “Mathnasium stood out with its welcoming and informative approach. Within three months of our initial conversation, I had signed my franchise agreement."

Training and Opening Playbook: Equipping Franchisees for Success

After signing, incoming Mathnasium franchisees like Djunaedi undergo extensive training, combining both at-home virtual learning with hands-on experience in a physical center.

“Our new owner training includes both remote and in-person components, with three days spent at a center for practical, hands-on instruction,” said Shen. “Following this, a Franchise Start-Up Specialist is assigned to guide them from agreement signing to the opening of their first location."

Djunaedi says the training program was thoughtfully designed, with each day devoted to a different aspect of the business. “This approach helped me thoroughly understand and internalize the material,” he said. “The training also included practical experience at an existing center, providing a real-world context to what we had learned.”

This pre-opening phase includes support in real estate selection, lease negotiation and build-out. The team also conducts site visits to assist franchisees in evaluating potential locations, weighing the pros and cons to make informed decisions. Overall, the timeframe for opening a Mathnasium franchise can vary between three to six months, Shen says, depending on the market. 

“Our build-out process is streamlined because we target existing, second-generation sites, focusing on essential modifications like signage updates instead of building a center from scratch,” Shen said. “This quick turnaround allows franchisees to open their doors promptly after securing a location and completing lease negotiations."

Mathnasium also recently launched its “Center in a Box” initiative, which connects franchise owners with dedicated vendor partners who are well-versed with the brand. They assist in all aspects of setting up a new center, from negotiations to build-out, to ensure that the entire process is seamless - from signing the agreement to opening the doors.

"The onboarding process at Mathnasium was exceptional and well-structured,” said Djunaedi. “By the end of this experience, I felt fully prepared and equipped to start my franchise."

Grand Opening and Ongoing Support: A Pillar of Mathnasium’s Franchise Model

When it comes time for the big day, Mathnasium franchisees have access to the brand’s grand opening playbook, which includes various public relations activities like ribbon-cutting ceremonies and local media engagement to promote community awareness. 

“Each franchisee receives dedicated business and marketing support, both from our corporate team and agency partners, ensuring comprehensive assistance in every aspect of starting and running their center," said Shen. "We offer full support on enrollment, technical issues and operational management, for example.”

After the opening, the New Center Opening team supports franchisees during their initial growth phase for about six months. “We maintain regular weekly calls with franchisees to ensure they are on track, offering guidance throughout the opening phase,” said Mack. 

Following this, franchisees transition over to a dedicated Franchise Business Consultant, who provides tailored support in business growth, analyzing performance metrics and other key aspects of center management. 

“Once a center reaches about 10 enrolled students, a Field Support Specialist spends a day on-site to ensure smooth operations and to address any ongoing challenges," said Mack.

In addition to corporate support, Mack says Mathnasium also works hard to facilitate networking among franchisees — new owners are immediately connected with established ones in their region.

"There is always someone available to assist with any questions I have throughout the day,” said Djunaedi. “Additionally, the opportunity to connect with fellow franchisees for advice and best practices enhances the sense of community, making me feel like I’m part of a family, not just a business owner."

Since starting his Mathnasium franchise in 2019, Djunaedi says his center has seen remarkable growth, reaching a current enrollment of over 400 students. His success story exemplifies the type of scalability franchisees can achieve with Mathnasium's comprehensive support system.

Overall, Mathnasium's commitment to franchisees is clear, providing a solid foundation for those looking to enter the supplemental education industry with the backing of a proven model and passionate team.

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