McDonald’s Cheesy Bacon Fries Make National Debut
McDonald’s Cheesy Bacon Fries Make National Debut

The QSR giant also announced the release of a Quarter Pounder Bacon Burger and Big Mac Bacon Burger as part of a new Bacon on Classics menu.

When it comes to the question ‘can you really have too much bacon?,’ it seems that McDonald’s has weighed in loud and clear: No. Way. After testing bacon-laden offerings in November of last year, the well-known burger chain just announced the rollout of cheesy bacon fries, a quarter pounder with bacon, plus a bacon-packed Big Mac to participating restaurants across the nation, according to an article in QSR.

According to the article, even amid the changing tides of food trends, “the love of bacon continues to hold strong.”

“In fact, since 2018, this tasty indulgence has been mentioned more than 17,000 times a day across U.S. online platforms (that’s 740 times an hour),” the article said.

Guests ready to bite into bacon-y goodness can expect thick slices of Applewood smoked bacon on the burgers and crisp bacon bits folded through real cheddar cheese topping the fries, the article said.

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