McDonald's Sees Sales Resurgence
McDonald's Sees Sales Resurgence

The famous fast food brand refocuses on what customer's want.

After about two years of declining sales, McDonald’s seems to have turned the table in the third quarter of 2015, according to the New York Times.

Under the direction of Steve Easterbrook, who took over as CEO in March, the brand’s sales have risen 4 percent globally and 0.9 percent in the U.S. Following significant menu changes, McDonald’s appears to be back on track to solidifying itself as the go-to fast food burger joint in the country.
This year, the company has introduced all-day breakfast options, while slowly eliminating the Dollar Menu to ensure franchisees increase profit margins. Also, to keep up with the changing tastes of consumers, McDonald’s is making some slight alterations to the way their products are prepared.
Additionally, according to Bloomberg, the brand is testing a partnership with Monster Beverage Co. There are currently about 20 participating stores located in Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, Florida and Illinois.
In an email to Bloomberg, McDonald’s spokesperson Lisa McComb said they are gathering feedback from its customers to make sure the fast food chain provides its customers the food and beverages they’d like to be served.
According to the New York Times, McDonald’s earned $1.31 billion, and revenue reached $6.62 billion.