McDonald's To Use AI Technology To Reach a More Diverse Pool of Applicants
McDonald's To Use AI Technology To Reach a More Diverse Pool of Applicants

The ubiquitous burger brand has partnered with Textio, an augmented writing platform, to streamline processes and curate content.

QSR franchise McDonald’s has partnered with augmented writing platform Textio to improve the brand’s hiring practices and hiring-related communications, according to an article on QSR.

The article said, “By using the new software from Textio, the fast-food chain can ‘not only recruit and hire faster, but also to [sic] ensure they reach top-quality applicants in an inclusive manner,’ according to a statement.”

Just how the brand plans to implement more-inclusive recruiting and hiring processes, however, is both timely and futuristic-seeming: data.

"Textio's innovative augmented writing platform will give us the insights to know, in real time, whether the language we are using is attracting the most qualified and diverse candidates we can,” said Joshua Secrest, McDonald's senior director of global talent attraction, according to the article.

Textio’s AI technology compiles “hiring data and results from millions of job listings around the world,” monthly collecting “10 million new documents to increase the data pool,” the article said. Then the technology correlates candidate response to language used.

“This move comes as McDonald’s is increasingly incorporating technology into all aspects of the brand, from self-ordering kiosks to this application in the company’s human resources department,” the article said.

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