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Meet the Supplier: Prospect Direct

With its team of ambitious and dedicated experts, Prospect Direct has become one of the fastest-growing lead generation companies in the world.

By Jeff DwyerStaff Writer
9:09AM 09/14/23

Prospect Direct is a digital lead generation firm that delivers quality leads to franchisors and franchise consultants. According to the brand’s consumer-facing website, Prospect Direct utilizes its own proprietary database to target financially capable “six-figure” candidates, from business owners to senior-level executives, which it then engages with the ultimate goal of generating leads for its network of clients.

The History of Prospect Direct

Prospect Direct was officially established in 2018 by Alex Oswiecinski. The idea for the brand was born after Oswiecinski and Prospect Direct’s principal data architect Mohammed Syed met weekly in a coffee shop while trying to figure out how to solve the problem of bad sales leads. At its core, Prospect Direct was designed by sales professionals who were tired of bad leads. The brand’s leadership team is made up of experts with decades of experience in marketing, B2B and technology.

As of September 2023, Prospect Direct has delivered over 100,000 leads, run thousands of campaigns and has become one of the fastest-growing lead generation companies in the world.

How Prospect Direct Stands Out

Prospect Direct has managed to stand out from its competitors by generating top-quality leads for domestic and international franchisors, franchise brokers and consultants, business brokers, B2B service businesses, and the wealth management industry.

Not only does the brand boast a 98% accuracy rate, but Prospect Direct also leads converts to sales more often and produces more deals than any other solution provider currently on the market. The firm says its entire process, from the introductory call to generating its first leads, can happen in as little as one week.

Why Choose Prospect Direct?

Prospect Direct can be the right choice for franchisors and consultants who are looking to help close deals. As a result of the brand’s proprietary database, Prospect Direct believes it can find the “perfect” prospects in three steps: filtering for an ideal custom audience, creating highly personalized campaigns and then engaging those prospects with “warm qualified conversations.”

Some leading brands who already utilize Prospect Direct include:

As a result of its services, Prospect Direct was ranked #753 nationwide by Inc. 5000 in 2023, placing #5 in Texas and #1 in Dallas in the marketing and advertising category.

You can also see a series of customer testimonials for Prospect Direct here.

Effective Lead Generation

With its proprietary database and personalized approach, Prospect Direct has developed into a trusted partner for businesses that are seeking precision-targeted leads and effective growth strategies.

Learn more about the firm by watching the full interview here.