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Military Couple Introduces The Brass Tap Franchise to Las Vegas

Josephine and Michael Snavely have signed a 5-unit deal with the craft beer bar franchise.

Military couple Michael and Josephine Snavely are excited to pursue the next chapter of their lives with The Brass Tap*. After discovering their first Brass Tap while house hunting in Pembroke Pines, Florida, the couple knew they’d found their local watering hole. 

After learning about The Brass Tap franchise, Josephina and Michael quickly began the process of opening their own. Now, introducing The Brass Tap to the state of Nevada, the Snavely family is slated to open five locations to the Las Vegas area. 

1851 Franchise: Tell us about your background.

Josephine Snavely: We moved down to Florida from Maryland about a year ago. After I retired from the Air Force, I still wanted to continue my involvement with the military. I began working for Maryland’s Navy department. I currently work remotely in Florida and will work two more years before I retire. Signing a multi-unit franchise agreement with The Brass Tap will become the next chapter in our lives.

Michael Snavely: As an Army veteran myself, I wanted to continue supporting the military after my time served. I currently work with the Army in Doral, Florida. With two years left at the U.S. Southern Command. 

We first met each other on a military base in Hawaii — seven years later we got married. For 10 years now we’ve blended our families together. We have two sons and a daughter all in their 30s. One of our sons currently resides in Las Vegas and our other two kids are in Southern Maryland. 

1851: How did you hear about The Brass Tap? 

Josephine: Mike took a job in Miami, Florida. When we traveled down from Maryland to house hunt, we stumbled upon The Brass Tap in Pembroke Pines —  where we currently live. We sat down for drinks and declared that this would be our new local watering hole. When we returned to Maryland, we were surprised to see another location at National Harbor. We went in and chatted with the owner. When we discovered that the owner also served in the military we all connected over our dream to open up a small bar. This is where we learned that The Brass Tap was a franchise business. A few months later The Brass Tap hosted a Discovery Day for future franchisees. We attended and loved the concept. 

1851: What about franchising with The Brass Tap appealed to you?

Michael: After researching The Brass Tap and the concept of franchising, we felt like we did our homework. As first-time franchisees, we liked the idea of coming into a business with an established model that would generate success for our business. We knew that we’d be stumbling through mistakes, but The Brass Tap offers a proven system that's there for us every step of the way. This made us feel more comfortable and confident to start this new business venture together.   

1851: Why is Las Vegas a great fit for The Brass Tap? 

Michael: The Brass Tap invites you in with wide-open garage doors on the storefront. This feature immediately drew us to the idea of a warmer climate, so we’d be able to take full advantage of that. Because our son is in Las Vegas, we have become very familiar with the area. We believe the Vegas market is booming in the surrounding areas of the city. It tailors to the right demographics, blending both people and culture together. Neighborhoods like Summerlin and Henderson offer that local feel for a friendly bar like The Brass Tap to break ground in. We plan to get the family involved in management throughout the five units. 

Josephine: We are still working through real estate details but have identified four locations. We are requesting proposals from the brokers, we hope to get real estate locked in shortly.

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