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Milwaukee Business Journal: Toppers Debuts New Look in Milwaukee

The growing pizza chain launches its new prototype in its home state.

Toppers Pizza* launched a new store prototype featuring an open kitchen that allows customers to get an up-close look at their orders as they are being made.

The new design is called the Toppers Show Kitchen and was first unveiled in Milwaukee with many positive reviews.

"Customers today want to see their food and the people preparing their food," said president of Toppers Pizza Scott Gittrich in a news release. "They want to know what's going on and they want to feel a connection with what they're about to eat."

The prototype is set to hit every market that Toppers Pizza develops in, and existing stores can choose to switch to the new prototype. 

"Our business is changing. Now, people are coming in and picking up their product - it's not just delivery anymore," David Biederman, chief development officer at Toppers Pizza said to the publication. "...It shows they we're no longer just making people and sending it off with our drivers - we're a place where customers are starting to interact with us far more. This is an opportunity to increase engagement with our brand - to really show them that we care about the quality of our product."

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