MOD Pizza Takes Bite Out of Fast-Casual
MOD Pizza Takes Bite Out of Fast-Casual

The wood-fired pizza chain is rapidly approaching 100 locations.

There’s no shortage of pizza chains across the country, but that didn’t stop Ally and Scott Svenson from throwing their concept into the mix.

Cofounders of MOD Pizza, a wood-fired pizza chain, the Svensons are taking a large slice of the fast-casual marketplace.

After opening their first location in Seattle in 2008, the brand plans to have 98 locations across 15 states by the end of the year. According to Business Insider, MOD—which stands for “made on demand”—saw $20 million in revenue in 2014 and expects to see those figures rise to $60 million for 2015.

The brand states that an ideal franchisee will have a track record of establishing strong teams and successful multi-unit organizations. Along with having a strong business sense, the brand expects potential operators to surround themselves with strong and capable operating talent, and a conservative capital structure.

MOD's website states that candidates must have a net worth of at least $5 million, $3 million in liquid assets, experience in real estate development in given market, and an experience as a multi-unit restauranteur dedicated solely to the brand.