MOOYAH Offers Quality, Family-Friendly Options
MOOYAH Offers Quality, Family-Friendly Options

The "better burger" brand uses feedback to drive consumer experience.

Parents have long told their children that it’s rude to put their elbows on the tabletopbut in the realm of restaurant marketing, the tabletop can provide valuable real estate for engaging with customers and increasing brand loyalty.

“Consumers like seeing a recognizable brand on the table,” Fred LeFranc, founding partner of Results Thru Strategy told Nation’s Restaurant News for their “FsVoice” spotlight recently. “The idea of a premium brand is very positive and provides a halo effect for the restaurant. If a brand is appropriate to a particular concept, why not do it?”
Recognizable brands can help build customer loyalty as guests trust name brand condiments they use at home. Dallas-based “better burger” franchise concept MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes has grown rapidly over the years due in part to the attention they have paid to gathering guest feedback and using that feedback to enhance the dining experience in line with those preferences.
“Brand names can make a huge difference. When customers go out to eat they look for brand names they would buy for their own home,” MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes Director of Operations Samir Wattar told Nation’s Restaurant News, adding that since the brand is focused on family-friendliness, having recognized and respected name brands on the tabletop help build trust with their guests.
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