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Jay Hummer brings franchising experience to New England
Jay Hummer brings franchising experience to New England
Jay Hummer is hoping to spread MOOYAH's level of excellence across the Northeast.

Ask Jay Hummer about franchising and he’ll tell you it’s a career he got into by mistake. He’ll also tell you that it was the most successful mistake he’s ever made, and for more than 30 years now, he’s never looked back.

“I used to work as a radio personality and suddenly found myself doing a complete 360 into franchising. It quickly took hold and became something I loved to do,” Hummer said. “I loved helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.”

Hummer’s experience in franchising is vast—he spent several years working for a large real estate company where he ran a franchisor with 233 units throughout New England. In search of his next opportunity, Hummer met with Michael Mabry, MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes director of franchise development, and was immediately inspired by his approach to the business. Hummer joined MOOYAH in 2012 as a development agent, and since then he has served as one of the masterminds behind the company’s ever-growing sprawl across the Northeast.

“The quality of the product, the delivery of the product, the operations themselves, and the commitment to always being better makes working with MOOYAH a no-brainer,” Hummer said. “The fact that Americans have an insatiable appetite for burgers and fries is obviously an important factor, and MOOYAH is a leader in the better burger resurgence.”

Hummer is hoping to spread that level of excellence across the east coast. With MOOYAH already in Connecticut and New Jersey, he’s looking to build on the brand’s momentum in New England by introducing two units in Boston and central Massachusetts. Within five years, he’d like to see 20 new locations open.

“Once folks in Massachusetts have the opportunity to taste MOOYAH, we know that they will keep coming back and the brand will expand through New England,” Hummer said.

Thanks to MOOYAH's consistently strong growth year after year, Hummer believes that the brand provides great potential for franchisees. In 2015, the chain added 26 new restaurants across the country, welcomed 19 new franchisees, and has set its sights to ramp up development by adding an additional 30 locations in 2016. This continued franchise system growth has solidified the brand’s position as an industry frontrunner.

“The company’s procurement is top of the line. MOOYAH might have 100-plus units, but they’re set up like a major player. It gives potential franchisees room to grow, but gives them national quality,” Hummer said. “MOOYAH is the full package.”



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