Marcie Anne Babey Prepares to Open First Virginia Mosquito Hunters Franchise
Marcie Anne Babey Prepares to Open First Virginia Mosquito Hunters Franchise

Babey’s background in survey research has given her the skills to own and operate a Mosquito Hunters franchise.

Marcie Anne Babey knows what it’s like to be “eaten alive” by mosquitoes. That’s a big reason why she decided to franchise with Mosquito Hunters.

“Being able to help people enjoy the outdoors with their friends and family is one of the most appealing things to me,” Babey said. “The memories that are generated from that can be positive, as opposed to just remembering that you got eaten alive by all of the mosquitoes.”

Babey’s Mosquito Hunters franchise is scheduled to open in the spring of 2019. Her franchise will primarily serve the Springfield and Annandale areas of Northern Virginia, and will be one of the first two Mosquito Hunters franchises in the state. Babey actually grew up in that part of Virginia, and she is looking forward to engaging the community.

“My plan is to be aggressive, leverage the in-house marketing program Mosquito Hunters provides and grow this business pretty rapidly,” Babey said.

Babey has long dreamed of owning her own business. She worked with a franchise consultant and initially looked into franchises in the nail salon and cleaning sectors.

Then she learned about Mosquito Hunters.

She admits that at first glance, the idea of owning a mosquito, tick and flea abatement service seemed like a long shot, but after economic analyses and “all of that fun, number-crunching stuff” she determined that Mosquito Hunters was an ideal fit.

“We have such a fun and memorable brand, a product that works and a service that people truly need” she said. “I also liked that it was scalable and had a relatively low-cost entry as compared to some other options I investigated.”

Babey was also impressed by the brand’s operations team when she attended Discovery Day.

“They seemed like a very nice and genuine group of people to work with,” she said. “I really liked the personalities and the type of individuals that make up the Mosquito Hunters team, and I just felt they had a great brand and product.”

Before franchising with Mosquito Hunters, Babey did survey research for the American Medical Group Association, an organization that works with large healthcare systems. She managed the employee and patient satisfaction surveys and was heavily involved in data analytics and private management.

She is eager to bring her analytical skills to the table with Mosquito Hunters and to help customers be able to enjoy their outdoor living spaces to the fullest, while also protecting themselves and their families. One of the goals she has for her Mosquito Hunters franchise is to educate local rescue groups about the dangers mosquitoes can pose to animals.

“The other thing I enjoyed about my job was working with clients and being able to provide good customer service,” Babey said. “I can’t wait to begin building a very good relationship with the community.”

Even though Babey is just getting started with her franchise, she’s thrilled she decided to join the Mosquito Hunters brand. She believes that growing a business “starts off with great employees,” for one, and looks forward to working with members of the community and helping her neighbors see the benefits of a service like Mosquito Hunters.

The Mosquito Hunters franchise development team was very impressed early on by Babey’s commitment to the brand.

“We went through our regular process of franchise development and I can always tell when someone is serious and going to be a good candidate because we have scheduled meetings for new franchisees and she met every meeting,” Director of Development at Mosquito Hunters Tom King said. “We also have fireside chats in which a group of franchisee candidates can speak with company directors, and throughout that process, I don’t think she ever missed one. That’s a sign that someone is going to be a good franchisee. It’s a huge indicator that I’ve seen for years. She was such a pleasure to work with in that regard.”

Babey, King noted, was also heavily involved in the local marketing efforts for her franchise.

“We have something called the third leg of the marketing stool, which is owner involvement in their local marketing campaigns, and that’s one of the things she was always aggressive about, which was integrating the Mosquito Hunters brand and mascot into the local area where she’s operating her franchise,” King said. “It’s important for a franchisee to grasp the importance of local marketing. We have a national call center to help sell services to our customers, and we can provide digital and analytical marketing at the corporate level, but the franchisee needs to grasp the importance of getting intertwined in the fabric of the community. She’s just going to be great.”

The startup costs for a Mosquito Hunters franchise range from $69,949 to $82,209. The franchise fee is $35,000. For more information about franchising with Mosquito Hunters, visit https://mosquitohunters.com/franchise-info/.

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