Detroit Free Press: Mosquito Joe Franchisee Sees Success In Michigan
Detroit Free Press: Mosquito Joe Franchisee Sees Success In Michigan

Rick Kagen joined Mosquito Joe to own his own business and be his own boss.

For many years, Rick Kagen ran a small hot dog stand in front of Home Depot in addition to holding a managerial position at Hewlett-Packard. He was seeking a new career during the wavering economy in 2011, a lucrative entrepreneurial venture that would provide a steady paycheck. In 2014, Rick found a national franchise that fit the qualifications he was looking for- Mosquito Joe.
"I don't miss putting on the white shirt and tie. I don't miss the corporate politics," he said. "I look at it as: The big picture is I'm running a business."
Rick has nearly 400 customers throughout the greater Detroit market and continues to boost sales, with revenue expected to triple this year. His services cover residential and commercial properties with approval from the EPA and the Michigan Department of Agriculture. Rick says much of his business can be attributed to relevancy and proper education.
“I would say in the last couple of years it really has been a learning process for the public as far as mosquito control as a business goes. The public has been aware of pest control, but not necessarily mosquito control. We specialize in mosquitoes. West Nile virus, and now Zika, brings it to the forefront.”

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