My Resignation Letter
My Resignation Letter

Taking the next crucial steps toward building a great agency for years to come.

Dear (dear is such a boring word) whom (another dumb word) it may concern (everyone I work with):

Today, Oct. 29, will mark my resignation from my current role at No Limit Agency.

When I started No Limit Agency in 2008, I took a giant risk in trying to establish a great communications agency. I quit my job, broke up with a girlfriend and moved to Atlanta, because that’s where the most potential customers would be for my small (one person) shop.

Business quickly took off in Atlanta. I signed two clients who never paid their bills – one, who I still enjoy shaking hands with – only to feel his clammy paw (he is never comfortable when I come up with a big smile and be the bigger person) and one who I think ended up in jail. I then signed a great client who has turned into a great friend and still is a client (I will call him Bob Scott to protect the innocent). My first hire was incredible – Carrie – who helped me grow No Limit Media Consulting from a shared office space closet to a sprawling space next to a strip club in Decatur, Georgia (holy shit, we have come a long way).

I also had the pleasure of creating the first social media agency (arguably) in 2008 – only to have every ad agency and marketing firm in the world become a social media agency in 2009.

I met my beautiful wife at a franchise event (Roark Capital holiday party), getting rejected three times (persistence pays off) before securing (had to use business tactics) a first date. We now have two beautiful children.

This has been an amazing ride.

My resignation may come as a shock for many, but my time has come. I am no longer interested in being the founder of No Limit Agency. The time has come for me to pursue other opportunities.

I am grateful to all the mentors, clients, employees and friends who have guided me this far in my business. Thank you.

As for what’s next, I already know and will be happy to disclose it. I will be resigning as founder of No Limit Agency and starting as CEO. Shocker.

You see, as a founder, there are different emotions, stress and victories. As a CEO, it is now time to look at No Limit Agency as a business, and as a business I want to help lead it to be the greatest ever.

Over the next 60 days, I am going to task myself with a complete audit of the foundation as I help identify the key performance indicators for 2016. By looking at the business as a CEO — close to an outsider coming in — hopefully I can take an unbiased approach to leadership and execution. Hopefully, this resignation and rebirth will be an essential piece to the continuation of the great success of No Limit Agency.

Today begins day one. More details to come.

Sincerely (another blah, blah term),

Nick Powills, former founder of No Limit Agency