Nation’s Restaurant News: More Restaurants to Offer Social Media Ordering
Nation’s Restaurant News: More Restaurants to Offer Social Media Ordering

Conversational ordering eliminates the need for consumers to download mobile apps.

By now, restaurants know that in order to keep up with their tech savvy consumers, they need to have mobile apps. But as more and more brands roll out their own versions of loyalty programs for smartphones, it becomes increasingly difficult to stand out.

According to an article in Nation's Restaurant News, some restaurants are taking their technology efforts to the next level with social media ordering in order to avoid fading into the background. That means consumers can now place their orders through chatbot and messaging platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Slack. Using these robot services eliminates the need for customers to download an app or create a profile for every restaurant chain they frequent.

Social media ordering is still new, but it’s already growing. Pizza Hut, for example, is rolling out chatbot ordering next month at all of its locations across the U.S. The platform will interact with customers when they’re placing their orders, and even tell them about specific deals and promotions. Taco Bell is also testing out its own social media ordering system called TacoBot, which goes through the messaging tool Slack.

In an interview with Nation’s Restaurant News, Jarrod DellaChiesa, operations and technology consultant for consulting group Synergy Restaurant Consultants, said, “I see this being really great for larger restaurant chains, to eliminate phone calls and having to download a specific app. It’s certainly going to grow.”

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