National Restaurant Association: Upgrade Your Instagram Game
National Restaurant Association: Upgrade Your Instagram Game

The next time you want to Instagram your meal, go for it.

Instagram may hold the key for further connecting with fans on social media. The photo sharing platform has updated their Explore tab to provide users with an easier way to navigate and segment tags and places for more efficient discovery. This update is especially beneficial for brands using Instagram as a promotional tool.

The new Explore tab features trending tags, trending places, a search-by-place function and other curated content for users. Brands can engage a social conversation with guests by encouraging them to take photos at the brand’s locations and using a geotag with their post. If the location gains enough traction on Instagram, the business could become a trending spot and increase the likelihood of other users discovering it.

Tags can also help consumers find out more about the restaurant and its menu offerings, further encouraging users to visit.

In addition to helping consumers connect with a brand, the National Restaurant Association believes that Instagram can be a great way to conduct market research.

“As operators, consider taking a pass through your search results regularly to see if specific dishes seem to be fan favorites or, conversely, if there’s an opportunity to tweak something in real-time,” the National Restaurant Association said.

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