New Canaanite: Fast Friends To Open Women’s Fashion Boutique Scout & Molly’s on Elm Street
New Canaanite: Fast Friends To Open Women’s Fashion Boutique Scout & Molly’s on Elm Street

Scout & Molly's franchisees are bringing their dream to New Canaan, Conn.

New Scout & Molly's franchisees Olivia Huvane and Amy Gray are bringing a shared dream to life as they leverage their uniquely complimentary backgrounds and skill sets to open Scout & Molly's first New York City-area location in New Canaan, Conn.
Olivia and Amy hit it off immediately when they met six years ago, and supported each other through childcare and their successful careers in fashion and finance, respectively. Last year, after Olivia lost her husband to cancer, the two decided to get serious about their dream of owning and running a business together. After finding Scout & Molly’s online, they immediately knew it was the perfect franchise fit.
“There is really no other boutique for women that is of this caliber, the quality and that we can select all of the clothes we carry,” Huvane told the New Canaanite. “I worked in fashion for almost 15 years and I was really impressed and loved that we had a lot of creative control. We have a whole portfolio that we carry but we make our own selections, so this will involve getting to know our customers in New Canaan. They don’t want the same things as a lady in Charlotte. So we have control over that and the ability to make it all our own.”
New Canaan Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Tucker Murphy said Scout & Molly’s has already joined and has demonstrated not just an affinity but a commitment to New Canaan—Gray is preparing to move to the west side of town, they’re hiring local workers now and are seeking other ways to get involved as they prepare to open at the end of August.

Scout & Molly’s Founder & Chief Operating Officer Lisa Kornstein said she is “typically quite skeptical when women who are friends want to go into business together, but within five minutes of meeting Amy and Olivia I knew they would balance each other perfectly in this business and that they are perfect for Scout & Molly’s.”

“New Canaan is about to fall in love with the town’s newest boutique and its owners,” Kornstein said.

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