My Perception of Working with NLA Before I Joined
My Perception of Working with NLA Before I Joined

NLA Chief Development Strategist Sean Fitzgerald discusses life before NLA and what he initially thought of the company.

Mining the far corners of the Web and trolling Glassdoor can only tell you so much about a company; the rest all comes with experience. For Sean Fitzgerald, chief development strategist at No Limit Agency, heeding the agency’s reputation and a belief in the CEO’s vision took all the guesswork out of joining the company.

With 20 years of experience working with start-up franchise concepts, Fitzgerald has offered rebranding services and crucial industry insight to brands like Quiznos, BrightStar Care and Wireless Zone. Leveraging his experience in franchise sales, lead generation strategy and more, Fitzgerald now serves as a senior-level executive at Chicago-based No Limit Agency.

Fitzgerald first cut his teeth in franchise development as a precocious college student at the University of Cincinnati. After starting a business from scratch and spinning it into a franchise, Fitzgerald realized that he’d found his bread and butter in the professional world. He took his education and skills to several start-ups, expanding franchise stakes and building up a hefty clientele.

After working with Nick Powills at a PR firm, Fitzgerald felt that he had found his match in both management strategy and penchant for innovation. Soon Powills would leave the firm to found No Limit Agency. Fitzgerald immediately felt the void left by Powills and was eager to cross paths with him again.

“He’s strategic and he understood both what he needed to achieve and how to execute a vision,” Fitzgerald said of Powills. “I was very excited about the opportunity of helping brands with No Limit. Teaching franchisees how to use the press and media placement that they receive is such an important mission.”

In short, Fitzgerald was impressed with No Limit Agency’s drive, ambition and results. He wanted to be a part of the team. Fitzgerald wasted no time in accepting a position as an executive with No Limit. It was both his rapport with Powills and NLA’s robust reputation that sealed the deal.

“The agency has been around for quite some time and has had a tremendous amount of presence in PR,” Fitzgerald said. “No Limit has really proven that it can deliver fantastic results and be ahead of the curve in the way PR agencies conduct business.”

Ahead of the curve is always where Fitzgerald felt most comfortable, which is why No Limit never ceases to feel like home.