No Limit employee profile
No Limit employee profile

Hannah Kramer, a new account executive, is eager to bring attention to franchise clients.

Hannah Kramer, 25, a new account executive at No Limit Agency, thought in college that she would go on to a career as a reporter for an online publication.

But a stint at the University of Iowa college paper convinced her that such a path was not right for her.

“It was a huge eye-opener. I could see that I could not sustain that kind of career. Covering a city hall meeting about zoning issues for several hours on a weeknight was not for me,” said Kramer, who studied journalism, French and English at Iowa and spent a semester in Paris studying as well.

The Milwaukee native has been in Chicago for about 1½ years and was tempted to take a job at No Limit when she scouted out the website and was impressed by the people, the size of the agency and the overall enthusiasm she sensed about the firm.

“It seemed quirky and fun,” she said of the agency. “I really liked the personality that is there on the site. After talking with (Vice President) Lauren Boukas, I felt that this was a different kind of PR with smart messages. They really care about their clients.”

She also feels No Limit will give her a chance to learn more and do more in her career.

“There is definitely a chance to grow here. Nick (Powills, chief brand strategist), really wants people to reach their full potential here.”

As an account executive, Kramer pitches story ideas to various media outlets on behalf of the firm’s brands. For instance, if a brand is moving into a new city or market, she will let media outlets know about the growth and the exciting opportunity that brand brings and suggest ways to cover it.

It’s a big change from working on the other side of journalism.

“It’s the flip side of the coin. I remember getting so many press pitches at the college paper. It’s a big change to go to this, but I’m surprised how positively reporters have responded to our pitches. No Limit does it in a really smart way. Journalists see the value of that.”

Before taking the job at No Limit, she interviewed for an event planner job and was told that she came across as “bright, personable and witty.” She hopes those skills will serve her well at No Limit.

Kramer likes to unwind after a day at the office with a barre workout session. Her love of dance comes from the time she spent as a competitive dancer between the ages of 10 to 15. She performed tap, ballet, jazz and modern dance in competitions.

In addition to dancing, she loves to bake, but says she doesn’t leave her creations at her apartment.

“I’ll bake a bunch of stuff, then bring it to friends or to work. I’m too tempted to eat it if it’s at my house.”

She also enjoys going out with friends, especially in the summer, which is all too fleeting in Chicago.

“You can find me at a patio almost every weekend,” Kramer says.