NRD Capital Acquires Big Boy
NRD Capital Acquires Big Boy

NRD Capital Managing Partner plans to stick to its "recipe for success" and continue to grow the all-American brand.

NRD Capital recently completed an acquisition of the classic American brand Frisch’s Big Boy, which is based in Cincinnati, and as NRD Capital Managing Partner Aziz Hashim is looking to strengthen the brand he's sticking to the recipe that has worked for the brand over the years--and aiming to enhance it while expanding the Frisch's footprint through franchising.
Hashim told the Cincinnati Enquirer, “We have tremendous respect for our customers’ loyalty and we want to make the Frisch’s brand even better for them.”
Frisch’s currently owns 95 restaurants across Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana--the majority of which are corporate owned, but as part of the strategy, Hashim aims to strengthen and then grow the brand through franchised locations.
“By the end of 2016, I’d like to see four to six new units,” Hashim told the Cincinnati Enquirer.
As Hashim and NRD Capital move forward with their plan, he says they don't plan to cut jobs and will be looking at improvements to the menu including adding appetizers. Frisch's is the first acquisition by NRD Capital, and the culmination of a long journey from working in restaurants, to becoming a franchisee, to purchasing a franchise with his assembled team at NRD Capital.
“I started my first job at $3.15 an hour and now, I just bought Frisch’s,” Hashim told the Cincinnati Enquirer. “Franchising has allowed me to achieve the American dream.... Franchising is the best of American ingenuity where you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself.”
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