NRN Interviews Taco Bell Co-President Liz Williams
NRN Interviews Taco Bell Co-President Liz Williams

Nation’s Restaurant News asked the industry heavyweight how the brand plans to move forward after the departure of Brian Niccol

Nation’s Restaurant News published an interview with Taco Bell Co-President Liz Williams this morning. The interview, conducted at the Taco Bell headquarters in Irvine, CA earlier this month, is focused primarily on the fast-food chain’s leadership landscape after the departure of former CEO Brian Niccol earlier this year, but the wide-ranging discussion also touches on the franchise’s international development plans, maintaining brand hype and developing new menu items.

When asked about speculation that Niccol may poach Taco Bell talent in his new role at Chipotle, Williams said she was unconcerned.

“In the industry, people always come and go. Brands are certainly bigger than that. We have a deep bench of terrific leaders. No, we’re not worried, and we think we have a great brand to retain top talent,” she said.

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