Oat Milk Makes Debut at Starbucks
Oat Milk Makes Debut at Starbucks

The booming popularity of the non-dairy substitute could set the pace for the coffee segment.

As of today, five Starbucks Reserve stores in New York, Seattle and San Francisco can oblige customers asking for oat milk, according to an article by CNBC. The popularity of the dairy-free creamer shows no signs of slowing, and with the international coffee giant now on board, other cafes and coffee chains are keeping a close eye on the buzz.

The current leading oat milk brand, Oatly, was first stirred into the fold from Sweden several years ago, gaining so much traction by last summer that there was an oat milk shortage in New York, according to the article. CNBC notes Oatly will be opening a new production plant in the U.S. this spring, while other brands like Quaker Oats look to get in on the action with their own spins on the alternative creamer.

According to a study cited by the article, domestic non-dairy milk sales grew 61 percent to the tune of $2.11 billion between 2012 and 2017. Meanwhile, overall dairy milk sales declined by 15 percent during that same period, according to the article.

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Photo courtesy of Starbucks.