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Boston Business Journal: Chipotle Veterans, Now Leading Oath Pizza, See Nationwide Growth Opportunities

Oath Pizza’s CEO and CMO discuss how they plan to leverage experience with the first fast-casual concept to fuel the brand’s growth into a national brand.

In an interview with the Boston Business Journal, Oath Pizza Chief Executive Officer, Drew Kellogg, and Chief Marketing Officer, Stacie Colburn Hayes, discussed how their experience as executives with Chipotle Mexican Grill prepared them to help expand the Boston-based brand nationwide. Oath Pizza, the better-for-you pizza concept, got its start in Nantucket and now, backed by Kellogg, Hayes, and a team of restaurant experts, is prepared to expand and become a national pizza brand. 

For the past three years, Kellogg and Hayes have been implementing what they learned with the first fast-casual chain to take over a key segment in the food industry. They’ve identified ways to replicate customer experience and food quality at Oath in order to help bring the brand to the national level.

Kellogg discussed how the brand is in a unique position to be competitive in the pizza industry by focusing on Oath’s mission to provide the freshest ingredients with an emphasis on gluten-free and vegan options.

Hayes and Kellogg also discussed the digital infrastructure Oath has in place and how its small footprint locations have fueled the success of the brand as well. 

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