Old School Meets New School: No Limit Agency
Old School Meets New School: No Limit Agency

No Limit Agency CEO Nick Powills discusses the evolution of marketing and its new frontier.

From hip-hop to human resources, a distinct line can be drawn between “old school” and “new school.”

Now, class is in session for the current state of marketing. While most agencies have assembled into distinct camps dependent on marketing philosophy, Chicago-based public relations firm No Limit Agency has successfully toed the line between old and new. For years, it has built upon a foundation of longtime marketing principles with creative fearlessness and innovation. And there is plenty more in store for the vivacious agency.

Beginning in 2008 as a media consulting firm trailblazing the then-new frontier of social media marketing, No Limit CEO Nick Powills noticed the lines in the sand between the old and new schools of marketing early in the industry’s transition.

“Every human being was willing to give every bit of information to these social media networks—that was the beginning of this new wave that I call ‘proactive marketing,’” he said.

From audience acquisition to customer feedback, the conversation between consumer and producer was now a direct line, and it was up to communications agencies to operate the switchboard.

With this newfangled open market of information, the communications industry was poised to be more calculated and informed than ever. While the amount of customer insights ballooned, so did the blackboard of services that agencies could offer up to clients. No Limit took a streamlined approach to the growing number of possibilities in the field.

“We were starting to see that marketing was beginning to encompass every form of communication,” Powills said. “We’ve built No Limit’s philosophy on connecting the silos between those methods.”

What resulted from this desire to meld marketing fundamentals with cutting-edge technology is No Limit’s multi-channel formula for successful marketing. While the possibilities for experimentation seem endless, Powills and his team—not to mention their clients—are energized by the prospects.

“You can experiment with combinations [of media] depending on the client and reach the widest audience,” he said.

Building upon a foundation of old-school marketing philosophies, No Limit embraces the tried-and-true methodology of pre-millennium marketing, but with a progressive flair.

In a world where agencies are constantly embroiled in a technological tug-of-war, Powills brandishes a timeless edge on tech-focused firms.

“Shaking hands and kissing babies will trump any marketing done behind a screen,” he said.

No Limit Agency’s prowess from the computer to the conference room has defined its fusion of old and new school marketing.

Working in a constantly evolving field, Powills seems to have found a winning strategy to cope with any growing pains that may arise.

“The vision is to remain as nimble as possible,” he said. “We need a collaborative work environment where people are constantly challenging themselves and sharing their opinions.”

With a reverence for the past and eyes set on an innovative and prosperous future, No Limit Agency has risen to the challenge and is at the top of its game.