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Order White Castle's Waffles and...Win a Trip to Belgium?

Let’s be honest––there’s no better place to enjoy a Belgian waffle than Belgium.

White Castle is celebrating its popular breakfast menu in the best way possible––sending a lucky winner to Belgium. According to QSR, The fast casual chain’s Winning Waffle Sweepstakes gives customers a chance to win hundreds of different prizes from August 29 to November 3.

How does one enter this sweet sweepstakes? After ordering any waffle item off the White Castle menu––perhaps a Belgium Waffle Slider, a stack of Mini Belgian Waffles or even a classic Chicken & Waffle Slider––upload a photo of your receipt to the sweepstakes website and play a game to uncover a winning waffle. Prizes include free breakfast for a day, week, month or even a whole year. And of course, the grand prize of a free trip to Belgium for two. Who wouldn’t want to go to the motherland of White Castle’s waffles? 

Many might know White Castle for its juicy burgers––afterall, it was America’s first fast food hamburger chain––but now the brand is branching out and extending its menu items to a whole new niche. 

Innovation has become key for restaurateurs to keep their customers coming back for more. From cutting-edge technology that makes it easier for customers to order food to exciting partnerships with different brands, the fast casual restaurant industry doesn’t seem to be slowing down. 

Fast casual restaurants are getting creative when it comes to promotional sweepstakes. Jimmy Johns recently announced it plans on buying a lucky customer a house within its delivery zone. Go big or go home, right?

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