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Panera Bread Finally Joins the Third-Party Delivery Party

Panera has entered the chatroom.

The time has finally come for yet another fast casual restaurant to join in on the fun that is third-party delivery––Welcome, Panera Bread. Customers will now be able to order their favorite You Pick Two combo using DoorDash, GrubHub and Ubereats, according to CNBC.

For several years, Panera had solely relied on its drivers to deliver food to customers. While the company still plans on using its drivers, customers now have the option to order off their favorite delivery apps. According to the article, “third-party services are the driving force behind the delivery boom in recent years”––so it’s no wonder Panera decided to hop on the third-party food transportation train.

This isn’t Panera’s first go-around using third-party delivery services, though. In 2014, the salad and soup joint tested the waters when third-party delivery companies were “in [their] infancy,” but decided to create its own delivery system a year later, according to QSR. Now, Panera realizes that times are changing and how important third-party delivery options are to keep and attract customers.

“This deal is not about switching customers from one or the other app,” said Panera’s EVP Chief Growth and Strategy Officer Dan Wegiel, according to QSR. “It’s about putting Panera in places where customers are looking for it.”

Other fast casual chains such as Chipotle and Domino’s continue to innovate and adhere to consumer trends with new delivery methods and rewards programs.

Second time’s the charm, right?

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