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Panera is Bringing Double Bread Bowls Nationwide

After a successful test and tons of social media attention, Panera is introducing double bread bowls to customers across the U.S.

By Madeline LenaStaff Writer
10:10AM 02/13/19

Panera customers who were struggling to choose between multiple soup options will now find sweet relief with the introduction of the double bread bowl. After a successful test in Philadelphia last year, the brand is rolling out the offering nationwide.

Business Insider noted the double bread bowl will be available at all of Panera’s U.S. locations from Thursday through the end of February. According to the article, Panera customers have 91 different options available via the double bread bowl.

"Since the test launch, we've seen an overwhelming response on social media from fans asking, 'When will Double Bread Bowls come to my city?'" VP of Food and Beverage Product Development Tom Sadler said in a statement. "We're excited to answer that demand and spread the bread to guests nationwide.”

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