Papa Murphy’s Brings Unique Take 'N' Bake Concept to Hawaii | 1851 Franchise
Papa Murphy’s Brings Unique Take 'N' Bake Concept to Hawaii
Papa Murphy’s Brings Unique Take 'N' Bake Concept to Hawaii

Longtime friends and business partners Sean Uezu and Brooks Bond have signed on to develop 15 Papa Murphy's locations across the state.

It’s rare for a new concept to come along that disrupts the norm in an established industry., but that’s exactly what happened when Papa Murphy’s first opened its doors for business 35 years ago.

The brand changed the game with its completely unique take’n’bake pizza concept. Instead of disappointing delivery that gets cold by the time it’s taken out of a stranger’s backseat, Papa Murphy’s customers create their own meals that they bake at home. The concept has allowed the brand to build a loyal following over the years, including longtime friends and business partners Sean Uezu and Brooks Bond.

Uezu and Bond first met 20 years ago while attending school at the University of Washington. The pair frequently enjoyed a home baked pie from their local Papa Murphy’s, and recognized its unlimited potential for nationwide growth. But when they moved to Hawaii to start their professional careers, the brand wasn’t anywhere to be found. So Uezu and Bond set out on a mission to bring Papa Murphy’s to the state.

“Every time I ate Papa Murphy’s, I wondered why we didn’t have anything like it in Hawaii,” said Uezu. “The concept is a perfect fit here—consumers are constantly looking for a fresh, delicious meal at an affordable price, which is exactly what Papa Murphy’s offers.”

Papa Murphy’s is absolutely uncompromising when it comes to quality pizza. The brand’s pies are made to order with fresh, hand-made dough, 100 percent whole-milk mozzarella and vegetables that are sliced in-house every single day. Those creations are then taken home and cooked in the oven for 15 minutes at 425 degrees, creating a completely unique experience for every customer that walks through Papa Murphy’s doors.

“Our take’n’bake system really stands out in the highly competitive pizza industry—for both consumers and local business owners,” said Jayson Tipp, chief development officer and senior vice president of technology for Papa Murphy’s. “We’re thrilled to be opening in Hawaii, and having two savvy brand loyalists lead the expansion efforts in this new area is exactly what we were hoping for.”

Papa Murphy’s isn’t the first business Uezu and Bond have owned together. The pair also owns multiple T-Mobile stores between Hawaii and Washington state, and have been recognized as a top employer in Hawaii for the past two years.

Uezu and Bond have the rights to develop the Papa Murphy’s brand throughout all of Hawaii, but they’re focusing bringing the brand’s premium products to Oahu first. Ultimately, they’ll own and operate 15 Papa Murphy’s locations across the state. Two of those locations are expected to be open for business by the end of the year.

“We’re really excited to finally be open for business here so we can show our family and friends what we’ve been raving about for the past two decades,” said Uezu. “Papa Murphy’s didn’t just open the door for us to diversify our business portfolio—it also gives us the opportunity to fill a niche that Hawaii’s pizza market has been missing.”