Papa Murphy's is Growing Their Unique Take 'n' Bake Concept in Dallas, Texas
Papa Murphy's is Growing Their Unique Take 'n' Bake Concept in Dallas, Texas

The brand is expanding its presence in a key region where they’ve already seen success—Dallas, Texas.

Papa Murphy’s, the largest take ’n’ bake pizza company, has been raising the bar in the increasingly popular pizza segment for 35 years.

The brand’s business model offers franchisees an unmatched opportunity: the benefits of operating a restaurant without the equipment investment or space requirements of competitors that cook food or provide dine-in service. That’s because Papa Murphy’s creates pizzas using scratch-made dough, whole-milk mozzarella and sliced-by-hand veggies that customers take home uncooked. Then, when it’s most convenient for their busy schedules, customers bake the pies in their home oven at 425 degrees. About 15 minutes later, they can serve a fresh, piping hot pizza to their family.

It’s a concept that’s been praised by customers. Papa Murphy’s consistently receives #1 rankings for their strengths in areas like food quality, taste, customer service and value. And now, the brand is expanding its presence in a key region where they’ve already seen success—Dallas, Texas. Papa Murphy’s is actively seeking franchisees to join this growing market.

“We’re excited to expand our presence in Dallas. Since Papa Murphy’s has an established reputation and customer base in the area, new franchisees benefit from that foundation,” said Gary Payne, vice president of franchise sales for Papa Murphy’s. “Our fresh pizza concept is truly one of a kind—there’s no other brand that can match our unique product and convenience in the pizza industry.”

The brand is also looking to expand its presence in Phoenix, Raleigh and Louisville based on their opportunity to add stores within the current population, according to Payne. Papa Murphy’s is well established in areas near their Pacific Northwest home, but with the newer and larger Dallas area, there’s room for five times the current store count.

“We’re not restricting growth to one part of the market. It’s a tough retail real estate area because lots of restaurants and retail brands are also growing there, so we want to remain flexible with future store locations,” said Payne.

When looking at the brand’s other target real estate demographics, Papa Murphy’s focuses on grocery-anchored shopping centers and areas with a large number of families.

“We target moms and dads that place a high value on having a home-cooked meal, but could use a little help from us” said Payne. “Plus, pizza works well for a crowd. Parents can get a gourmet combination for themselves and get the kids their own perfect pizza. Or, get half and half. Since we make the fresh pizzas when they are ordered, you can customize as much as you want.”

With a median household income of nearly $59,000 and a metro population of more than 4.6 million, according to Forbes, Dallas is perfectly positioned for the Papa Murphy’s brand. The city was also ranked 15th on Forbes’s list of the best places for businesses and careers, meaning owners who sign on to develop the market will have strong potential for growth.

Papa Murphy’s has a proven system in place to help its franchisees turn that growth potential into reality. The brand offers extensive training with a support system of both corporate team members and existing owners who are there to lend a helping hand. Papa Murphy’s offers a flexible and affordable business model for all of its franchisees—initial startup costs typically range from $274,620 to $499,243.

“As a franchisor, our mission is to help our franchise owners succeed. That’s why our model is built to be simple and supportive,” said Payne. “With our robust initial training and ongoing support from field operations and field marketing staff, and a dedicated Support Center out of Vancouver, Washington, owners always have somewhere to turn to get questions answered, learn best practices, and find the best ways to grow their business.”