Parents Tweet About Chuck E. Cheese Hell—Don't Be That Franchise
Parents Tweet About Chuck E. Cheese Hell—Don't Be That Franchise

The family entertainment franchise knows firsthand that not all press is good press. Lucky for everyone else, the fodder offers adults its own entertainment.

"My greatest accomplishment as a parent has been convincing my kids that Chuck E. Cheese is only open once a year," said @MotherPlaylist according to an article on Huffington Post. As has just about any parent that has ever taken a screaming, raging child to the pizza giant.

Pizza brands, and all brands for that matter, should tune in (and enjoy the "35 Funny Tweets From Parents About The Hell That Is Chuck E. Cheese" listed in the article), so that they don't land on the "that brand is my hell” list.

This is not simply sound advice for the consumer-side of the story, but also for the business side. Could these 35 tweets contribute to the business news for the 600-unit chain?

According to the L.A. Times last week, the brand's plan to go public derailed. The article said:

"The parent company of CEC Entertainment Inc., which runs Chuck E. Cheese and Peter Piper Pizza, will no longer merge with shell company Leo Holdings Corp. in order to go public on the New York Stock Exchange, according to a statement Monday. Leo’s stock soared.

The now-defunct deal between Chuck E. Cheese owner Queso Holdings Inc., its controlling stockholder Apollo Global Management and so-called blank-check company Leo would have offered an alternative route from an initial public offering. The deal, announced in April, valued the company at about $1.4 billion."

So, brands, make sure parents love you. Especially if you hope to go public some day.

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