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Paris Baguette Brings Freshly Baked Quality Back to the Canadian Bakery Segment

With its unique selection of delicious pastries, elegant layer cakes, fresh-brewed coffee and baked fresh bread, this heralded international brand offers a menu no competitor can match.

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SPONSOREDUpdated 8:08AM 11/08/21

Paris Baguette, a bakery café brand with more than 4,000 locations around the globe, announced plans to make its Canadian debut with a flagship location in Toronto in 2022, followed by another 100 across the rest of the country, scheduled to open over the course of the next decade. 

With a selection of made-on-premises bread and sandwiches, sophisticated pastries and luscious layer cakes and delicious, fresh coffee selections, this legendary brand brings an uncompromising focus on quality and customer experience to Canada. 

“There is a huge gap in the café segment right now, particularly when it comes to quality,” said Jack Moran, CEO of Paris Baguette Canada. “Paris Baguette remains a top-shelf brand because it still uses old-world techniques and is focused on quality above all else. We’re putting bakers back in the bakery — where they belong.”

While mom-and-pop corner bakeries have disappeared and the corporate competitors in the café sector have scaled back on quality — choosing to pinch pennies by relying on off-premise baking facilities, shrinking kitchens, par-cooked doughs and meandering menus — Paris Baguette brings an artisan approach to everything it does.

The café’s interior charm, inspired by classic French cafés, offers a warm and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for a casual weekday lunch or after-dinner stop for conversation over a cup of coffee and slice of cake.

Like the best patisseries in the world, everything Paris Baguette serves is made on-site by trained bakers, cakers and baristas and served in a space with a dash of French panache, positioning the brand to bring the long-neglected neighborhood bakery café back to life. 

“Canadians aren’t looking for another sandwich and coffee spot with old loaves of bread behind the counter. Consumers want to be inspired, and right now no one is very inspiring” Moran said. “Paris Baguette is offering an experience they can share, whether with someone in person or through a great photo for Instagram.”

Paris Baguette is perhaps best known across the globe for its selection of lighter-than-air layer cakes perfect for celebrations, holidays, graduations and baby showers. These decadent desserts offer an elegant, sophisticated indulgence that mass-market supermarket cakes simply cannot touch. That’s because Paris Baguette trains its staff of bakers and cakers to exacting standards, which also allows its staff to find pride and fulfillment in their craft.

Paris Baguette has been growing throughout the United States as well, taking on the U.S.’s biggest markets, with plans to open 1,000 stores over the next 10 years.   

Growth plans are already in the works for Canada. After the first stores open in the Greater Toronto Area next year, the brand plans to expand to Vancouver, Calgary, Quebec and beyond.

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