Pita Pit Canada Employee Gets Franchise as Prize
Pita Pit Canada Employee Gets Franchise as Prize

Performance on reality show competition impressed brand's corporate reps.

Roughly two years ago, Erin Graszat, a Pita Pit Canada employee, participated in the "Be the Boss" Canada reality show competition. Hoping to land a role with Pita Pit as a regional manager, the Hamilton Mountain, Ontario, resident was awarded much more.
Her performance on the show impressed the franchise brand's corporate representatives so much that they decided to give her a franchise of her very own. Graszat credits her work ethic for winning the show.
“My ability to work with anyone and get along with anyone, I think that had an impact,” she told Hamilton Community News. With no formal training, Graszat said she is looking forward to being her own boss and that her appearance on the show has helped mold her into a better leader and business administrator.
"It’s made me into the best that I can be,” she said. “It helps me grow as a leader and a business owner. I feel I’m very prepared."
Pita Pit Canada President Kevin Pressburger said Graszat handled herself with great poise during the competition. “For somebody who was that young, she was just really wise beyond her years,” he said. “She has all the intangibles we were looking for in terms of what Pita Pit stands for.” 
Eager to become a franchisee, Graszat isn't going to wait until construction finish finishes on her prize, which is slated for completion in September 2016she is currently preparing to open a Concession Street location in Hamilton,
"We bring a healthy option to Concession, where they don’t have something like that on the street yet,” she said.
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